Erectile dysfunction is a problem/disorder that affects many men across the world. It can hit people at any age, but is especially common in men who are older rather than younger ones. However, there are treatments. One example of such a treatment is Viagra. Fun fact, Viagra didn’t start out as something that was created to treat ED. It was intended to be used for treating high blood pressure and angina. However, during the early trials volunteers mentioned that they had an increase in erections. After some more trials, Viagra became known as something that would help treat ED.

What does Viagra do to a man?

Viagra is an oral medication and after you take it, it helps relax the walls of the blood vessels and lets blood flow more easily into your penis. Well, the parts that help cause an erection at least. The effects of Viagra can last for about four to five hours. In order to take this medication effectively. you should take it on an empty stomach about an hour or so before sex. The reason for taking it an hour before is because you’ll have the best chance of being able to achieve an erection while being intimate with your partner.


Can Viagra be harmful?

Naturally there are some instances when taking an oral medication for ED may not be safe. Such examples of this are if you take nitrate drugs, have high or low blood pressure, suffer from severe liver disease, or must rely on dialysis for kidney problems. Also, there are some side effects which is normal no matter what type of medication you are using. Some mild side effects include headache, indigestion, stuffy/runny nose, back pain, or vision changes. However, these are mild. The more serious ones are hearing/vision loss or an erection that doesn’t go away on its own. In these cases you should most definitely go to a hospital or seek medical attention in some manner.

Is Cialis better than Viagra?

Now Viagra isn’t the only medicine out there. Another common one is Cialis. The main differences are that Viagra is cheaper and is good for shorter use. Cialis is expensive but last longer. Really, it just depends on where you are in your life and what you prefer. Both have similar side effects so the best thing to do is talk with your doctor. Also, if you are finding yourself in need of this drug, you must talk to your doctor or get an online prescription and discount coupon because it isn’t over the doctor.

How can I get Viagra online?

Let’s get to where Viagra is available in one specific country because there are always some differences including price, access, etc. Viagra is available all over the world because as I mentioned, ED is a common problem men may suffer from. In 1998, Viagra was finally approved for use in Australia. This was after being approved in the US a few months earlier. When you consider the fact that this drug was originally created by Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company, it makes sense why it would be available in the US first rather then Australia.

How much does 100mg viagra cost?

The price in regards to Viagra can vary depending on where you are getting it from. In Australia, the drug is subsides and as a result, its about $6.20 dollars per packet. The actual cost the Australian government spends is about $54 to $82 dollars so they really are helping with the cost of the full drug. If you decide to skip going to your doctor and just go online, then you must realize you’ll be paying more no matter what country you are in. This is just a fact because some medications are more expensive online without coupon. Also, remember it just isn’t available over the counter in Australia so this isn’t an option.

How common is impotence?

According to research, about forty percent of men in Australia suffer from ED. This is a very large number and given the population of Australia, I imagine many men are suffering from this medical condition. However, this forty percent does have options. Whether it be Viagra, Cialis, or etc. there are options available to help you with your ED. It’s just a matter of speaking to your doctor and realizing that there is no shame in doing this. It is a common condition and your doctor especially will not judge you.